Ram Food Recovery – Subscribe

Ram Food Recovery is a program that supports CSU students and employees experiencing food insecurity by sending text alerts for food leftover from catered events within Housing & Dining Services. If a catered event has any food leftover at the end of the event, catering staff send a text alert to subscribers with date, time, and location of food pick-up. Participants generally have a 30 minute window for food pick-up. 

Anyone with a CSU ID is welcome to sign up for text alerts for these meals. As catering returns to campus on a limited basis this summer, we will have a few events and we hope to have the program fully return in the fall.

By signing up for Ram Food Recovery below, you will receive an alert when food is available (regular text charges will apply).  Please note that participants must agree to the waiver and food safety guidelines to participate.

  • The Ram Food Recovery program is intended to reduce waste and support members of the campus community who are experiencing food insecurity by making food leftover from Housing & Dining Services catered events available for pick up. By registering below, you will receive an alert when food is available. To ensure food safety and allow catering staff to break down events in a timely fashion, pick-ups will be limited to 30 minutes after an event ends. To participate, sign up below and provide your cell phone number for text alerts. Please note that participants are responsible for bringing their own container, which must be clean and free of contaminants, and must agree to the waiver and food safety guidelines to participate.